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My first list thing.

September 27th, 2005 (01:23 am)

Mood: crazy
Music: 11:11 - the All-American Rejects

.1. My hug_a_harry fic is coming along, but it's going to take a while. Partly because it's H/D, which is just asdsajka;a and hard, and then there's some Ron and Ginny interrupting them, so I need to figure out exactly where I'm going with it. If you have any ideas, OMGPLEASE feel free to comment or something.

.2. I was talking to Karen (last night, I think?) and stumbled on this Wealseycest idea, and so, yeah. I haven't gotten started on it, but I have a basic idea of what I want from it.

.3. Laundry Day looms ahead tomorrow.

.4. If I can collect the words Cheesy, Crispy, Fast, and Easy from Hot Pocket boxes, I can get a million dollars over a 40-year time period. So, that's like $25,000 a year. Which is probably better, because if I had a million dollars all at once, I would probably do something stupid and blow it.

.5. One of the boys I kept today (seeing as how school's off today and tomorrow, he's older than I usually get to keep), got like a zilla-cut on his forehead. I told him not to run around like that, but seven-year-olds just never, ever listen to anybody.

.6. My brother called me the other day, and he was talking about fuel and gas prices and all that shit, and then he was talking to me about some new thing where people can use corn as fuel. Is he bullshitting me? I mean, that'd be great if that was true, even though people probably wouldn't be eating that much corn anymore, but you could never really run out, could you? But I just don't think it's the truth, and Nash is such a liar sometimes!

.7. Oh, yeah. Nash is my brother's name. It's my mama's maiden name, so, yeah, I know you probably have never heard of it, but it's true. It's actually his middle name, his first being Tommy, which I've never really gotten used to.

.8. Trip to Zonko's GO SEE IT NOW, OMFG. *asks nicely* It's by linnpuzzle, who I beginning to love. Her art is gorgeous. This one is all autumn-y, and it has Sirius/James a bit and jealous!Remus and Peter and chocolate and OMG, I'm incoherant about it. Just. OMFG.

.9. It is so fucking messy in here. I shoudl totally clean this desk and throw away all these usless doodles and crappy people drawings, but. I am so lazy, and such a procrastinor, so if it isn't like a total emergency, it probably isn't going to get done soon. I know, it's horrible but, there you have it.

.10. I got the All-American Reject's CD the other day, and I've been listening to it obsessively ever since. Their lyrics just KILL me! They've awakened my muse and given her new ideas, and I love them now, and OMG, the LYRICS! Night Drive makes me think of Sirius, and now I want to write some "Sirius-leaves-his-house-on-his-motorbike-then-shags-James" fic. Is that wrong?

.11. Just because I can: Night DriveCollapse )

(no subject)

September 22nd, 2005 (08:27 pm)

Mood: accomplished
Music: T.V.

Title: Warning Sign
Rating: R
Warnings: some angst, nongraphic sex
Summary/challenge: "Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing." --- Anais Nin
Author's Notes: Thanks to Karen (periazhad) for betaing, and ladyblack888 for looking over it. I appreciate it loads! The LJ cut text is from Warning Sign by Coldplay. I would love feedback on this!

Warning Sign

As I did on the community, I honor Remus/Sirius with my Gryffindor boykissing icon, which I got from happiestwhen a while back.

(no subject)

September 19th, 2005 (08:18 pm)

Mood: ecstatic
Music: "Helena" by My Chemical Romance

OMG! I am done with my sirius_loving challenge! I just have to ship it off to be beta'ed (though, if anyone is willing, I'd like to send it to a couple of you and get some different opinions and critique and stuff).

Kaaaaareeeen. Oh, Kaaaaarrreeen!

(no subject)

September 19th, 2005 (05:00 pm)

Mood: flirty
Music: Just Tonight... - Jimmy Eat World

I want an icon that has Snow White being kisses and says something about necro.

But I'm ass at making icons.

Queeditch Drabbles

September 18th, 2005 (11:24 pm)

Mood: creative
Music: Happy Ending - All American Rejects

Remus/Sirius: Prefect badge (Moony, our ickle Prefect!)Collapse )

Ginny/Luna: socks (Now they smell like you)Collapse )

Luna/Cho: pretty in pink (She has brown eyes)Collapse )

Regulas & Peter: school uniforms (He whispers horrible, childish things)Collapse )

On other news, I am going to sleep.

(no subject)

September 17th, 2005 (10:49 pm)

Mood: exhausted
Music: Warning Sign - Coldplay

Ooh! My sirius_loving fic is starting to sprout! I've been stuck with it for a while. So maybe my muse has come back from her vacation, that lazy bitch.

Also, I recommend Warning Sign by Coldplay, which I have been listening to obsessively all day. Every time that drum breaks in my eyes get watery. The emotion in the song is just that powerful, you know? It just hits me, like a wave or something. Then again, it could just be because the month of October is rolling around and that is like my fucking emotional month.

God I need some Tylenol. Something about fall just gives me headaches. Then again, it could be the crazy kids.

It's sad when Dora the Explorer is teaching me Spanish.

(no subject)

September 12th, 2005 (10:45 pm)

Mood: cranky
Music: silence

Fuck! I need to get to writing.

Lists: akjlsda

September 7th, 2005 (10:09 pm)

Mood: crazy
Music: Beautiful World - Coldplay

Things I need to write:
*inell's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (With Each Other) challenge.
*Fem Fall Challenge getting beta'ed!
*sirius_loving challenge

I think that's all. It's not that much, I am just lazy.

Stupid things done today:
*cut my fingers on glass.
*let the kids eat chocolate (BIG mistake)

Also, if you know of anywhere I can find some information on deafness and how it progresses, I would thank you like woah. I need it for a Luna-gen plotbunny I had.


August 31st, 2005 (09:01 pm)

Mood: awake
Music: Everybody's Changing - Keane

Observation #1: Sam's Choice Twist Up definately should not be makings noises.

Observation #2: my cat is trying to eat my bed again, so I must need to feed him. I wonder if nachos will make him constipated.

Observation #3: I should get to gettin' on my sirius_loving challenge fic.

Observation #4: I am currenly addicted to Keane and posting on this LJ

Observation #5: I should definately go do something constructive.

(no subject)

August 31st, 2005 (08:29 pm)

Mood: content
Music: Emily - Keane

Here is a Ginny/Luna ficlet. Yay!

Title: The After
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): unhappy, post-war fic.
Summary: It's hard, in the after, to remember the before, but you do, and it helps you love her.
A/N: Thanks to periazhad because she beta-ed, and is, likeOMGwoah nice to me.

Please read it!

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